Hi, I'm Christie

When my husband was diagnosed with end stage liver disease (ELSD), I became his full time caregiver overnight and had no idea what to do or how his diagnosis would impact our family or finances.

The demands of his care were overwhelming. Trying to manage his care, medications, treatment schedules, follow up appointments, testing, a household, finances, kids, careers, the healthcare system - it was complete CHAOS.

His terminal illness took control over our lives.

Without warning, his sudden diagnosis forced him into early retirement at the age of 40 and left me unable to work due to the demands of his care.

Shortly after losing our income, we couldn't pay our bills, forcing us to lose both cars, defaulting on $60K in credit card debt and place our home into forbearance. The financial hardship we experienced is unfathomable.

I lived in a constant state of fear, panic and uncertainty with no time to grieve the loss of a life we once knew or mourn a marriage with him sitting beside me fighting for his life daily. I was terrified of losing him along with everything we'd worked so hard for.

Surrounded by my own tears and desperation, I began thinking of other women just like me, experiencing the same crippling challenges and began brainstorming of how I could turn all my pain into a plan to help her so our story doesn't become her story.

I spent every free moment in waiting rooms, hospitals, emergency rooms, at home and in the car figuring out how to transform every challenge, obstacle, hardship and painful event into ways to help other families navigate and manage the aftermath of an end stage liver diagnosis.

Our mission is to empower and support families affected by end-stage liver disease and advanced stages of cirrhosis. We are dedicated to providing personalized care, education, and on-demand resources, guiding families through the complexities of diagnosis, care management, difficult conversations, and emotional strains. Our commitment is to be a digital companion, offering timely solutions and a helping hand during challenging times, ensuring that no family faces this journey alone."

Former corporate climber with a dream to end the support crisis in the cirrhosis care economy creates a care platform for families affected by advanced stages of cirrhosis.

Little did I know, my care experience and compassion for helping others would conspire to create a cause that helps families move beyond the devastating realities of end stage liver disease.


Cirrhosis and Caregiver Statistics

We Exist To End The Support Crisis Within The Liver Cirrhosis Care Economy

Millions of families are impacted by unexpected liver disease diagnoses and thrusted into overnight caregiving roles

without training, education or support to sustain their emotional, physical and financial well being.

LiverBoss bridges the care gap for families impacted by advanced stages of cirrhosis.

We Deliver Solutions Families Desperately Need

To Solve Unexpected Life Challenges

Learn With LiverBoss™

Our brand new care platform designed to help families learn, grow and evolve as they transition their lives to accommodate caring for a loved one with advanced stages of cirrhosis to end stage liver disease.

Tools & Templates

Resources that make "caring" easier. Leverage our done-for-you tools, templates and planners to manage meds, treatment, schedules, finances, emotions and more.


Think of it like the “Netflix of At Home Care”, with all the step-by-step strategies and frameworks families need

to create a sustainable care journey.

Member Community

A safe, collaborative space where members connect and share their journey with peers on a similar path.

Bridging Care Gap

We teach families where to start on their care journey and how to prepare for the inevitable impact of advanced

stages of cirrhosis.

Unlimited Support

Receive individualized coaching with your own personal audio channel directly with Christie. Get your questions answered and work through your feelings and frustrations when you're ready

Our Manifesto For 2023/24

Yep, we believe in manifesting and sharing our vision with the universe...


Welcome 1,000+ families into our Learn With LiverBoss community


Help 1,000 families replace their 9 to 5 income before FMLA or paid leave runs out


Partner with 3 hepatologists to pilot our on demand learning platform


Collaborate with 5 industry associations, government reform, medicare/medicaid, insurance providers, hepatology, gastroenterology, social workers, palliative care, hospice and caregiver groups on working together to deliver educational experiences for families that support their emotional and financial well being


Pre-Sell 5,000 copies of our book as part of the global caregiver initiative - "2024 release"

Ways To Support Liver Boss

Help Us Advance Our Reach, Raise Awareness and Create A Bigger Impact

Make The Introduction

Know someone that would benefit from our platform, be a compassionate human and share our site with them.

Many of us hide behind fake smiles and I'm fines so we don't burden others with our circumstances, however deep down, we're suffering in silence and experiencing more uncertainty than anyone can fathom.

Look inside your personal network!

Are you connected to a media outlet, event producer, podcast host, influencer, industry leader, government agency, policymaker, hospital administrator, hepatologist, palliative care professional, social worker or affiliated with a foundation that serves patient groups and their caregivers, if so, we'd greatly appreciate an introduction.

Kindly refer all introductions to christie@liverboss.com or send me a DM on Instagram @learnwithliverboss or on Facebook @christieroccomoore

Share Your Stage

If you are an event producer, podcast host or media channel with an audience filled with humans, our story delivers a compelling message relatable to EVERYONE (caregiving is inevitable for all). Click here to book a call.

I was selected to share my story on Capital Hill Day in April 2023 with Illinois Senator Duckworth's office and Illinois Senator Durbin's office as an advocate to support the National Liver Disease Strategy. As a result of our collective efforts, we won both votes for our ask. This request for participation came from AASLD (American Association For The Study of Liver Disease), a leading organization of scientists and health care professionals committed to preventing and curing liver disease, where I serve on the Industry Advancement Committee.

Brands Collaborate To Combat Care Crisis - Join the Movement

Is your brand or business on a mission to help families in the liver community?

Let's join forces and partner up! We want to feature your business, brand, foundation or association on our website to make finding resources families need more accessible. Click here to schedule a call.

Want to feature LiverBoss on your site or offer our platform to your community in compliance with the caregiver/care partner initiative, let's have a conversation about it. Click here to schedule a call.

Want to start the conversation with an email introduction, great - send inquiries to christie@liverboss.com.


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