Not Sure Where To Start?

We know what it's like to feel terrified by the thoughts of losing your loved one after receiving an end stage diagnosis. We understand the pressure and urgency placed upon families to provide care without knowing where to start.

LiverBoss can help! Let us guide you through 10 critical steps you need to take now before it's to late that will provide you with peace of mind during these difficult and uncertain times.


Feeling Lost, Scared And

Not Sure Where To Start?

We teach families how to move beyond the challenges and hardships

of early to end stage liver disease using audio experiences

Psst...I've been where you are...

And, like many of you, I began searching online

out of complete desperation for answers, community, support, education, financial assistance and

after many failed attempts,

I started believing I was the only one struggling and suffering in silence with nowhere to turn.

Ashamed of what our lives had become,

losing our income, our cars,

not having money to pay bills or child support,

it was a nightmare and nobody was coming to rescue me...

We take a holistic and collaborative approach to caring for loved ones

with early to end stages of cirrhosis because... their diagnosis is our diagnosis

We know

you don't need

the crushing

disappointment of

searching for solutions

when an unexpected care crisis occurs

and the added stress

of attempting to

figure "everything" out

on your own.


No family could possibly prepare for this unimaginable care crisis,

where every area of life is suddenly disrupted.

The demands of liver care are overwhelming and rob families of normalcy.

The emotional toll and financial strain many families experience are unfathomable.

LiverBoss provides a lifeline that helps families transition their lives to accommodate early to end stages of cirrhosis

using our proven, done-with-you systems and frameworks that support the entire family, including YOU.


5 Ways To Ease Stress

& Overwhelm in 5 Minutes

Use our personal go-to practices to pause and focus on yourself when everything feels heavy, hopeless or uncertain.


Nobody teaches families how to care for a loved one with early to end stage liver disease...transplantation


How to re-arrange our lives to accommodate the inevitable challenges and hardships of full time care...

Medical Teams focus on their patients care...not ours

So, how are we expected to know what to do and where to start?

What happens next?

Who answers the tough questions like how will this diagnosis impact our lives, our families, our career, our income, our hopes, our dreams, our quality of life?

What do we need to prepare for?

That's exactly why I created LiverBoss!

To educate and equip families with the tools they need to create a sustainable journey.

Got a sec for a quick heart to heart?

Probably not, so let's call it what it "interfriendtion"!

Here's when I become intentionally involved

to coach your family through this difficult time,

and prevent these unthinkable times from becoming worse, my families experience, doesn't become your families experience.

Whether your family has just been delivered the news of diagnosis or you've been at this a while....

LiverBoss exists to:

- teach you the essential skills of at-home care;

- expose the hard topics the healthcare system doesn't share;

- respond to the fear of the unknown keeping you up at night;

- calm the chaos and uncertainty you're experiencing right now;

- encourage you to keep going when you're ready to give up and walk away;

- help you replace your 9 to 5 income when full time care is imminent, before paid leave runs out;

- be the lifeline that helps your family through this difficult transition;


comfort you through the highs and lows of this unpredictable journey.

We take this journey together, as a collective community of holistic collaborators

so nobody walks this path alone!

When you're ready to receive the help you need to sustain your families care journey,

LiverBoss will be here to welcome you with open arms.

Expertise, Support, and Care – In Your Pocket:

Christie Delivers Knowledge and Compassion

Where and When You Need It Most.

LiverBoss Leads Your Family Through The Challenges

and Hardships of End Stage Liver Disease

30-Day Care Collab With Christie


gain insight on how to care for someone with end stage liver disease

navigate difficult decisions and conversations

establish care plans and support systems

create sustainable life and care plans that preserve your quality of life

unpack and process diagnosis shock and emotional aftermath

know your options for replacing income before FMLA or paid leave runs out

prepare and plan for declining conditions

We understand the financial strains that come with a care crisis.

That's why we're offering this exclusive 30-Day Care Collab™ with Christie at a special price of just $97.

Investing in your family's well-being should be accessible and affordable to all. Don't miss this opportunity to receive the personalized care and support you deserve during this difficult and challenging journey of navigating beyond end stage diagnosis.

Get started today and take a crucial step towards a more supported future for you and your loved ones.

We make the hard stuff easier...

Like seriously's simple, just decide and download

Step 1

Decide you want help

Step 2

Download platform

What's included...


Personalized Support

The Support You Need When You Need It

Tailored guidance to address your unique challenges and concerns, ensuring you receive the care your family truly needs. We understand the sudden demands placed on families after diagnosis and we are committed to being your trusted compass, helping you every step of the way.


Expert Insights

Benefit from Christie's specialized knowledge and experience

Navigate end stage liver disease with direct access to Christie's years of hands-on experience managing the complexities of care, employment loss, financial hardship, end of life planning, treatment, transplantation, making difficult decisions, raising kids, maintaining a household, med management and emotional strain.

Tap into her value bank of:

  • Disease specific knowledge of symptoms, med management and treatment

  • Communicating effectively with doctors, lawyers, healthcare, employers, kids, family & more

  • Navigating difficult decisions with loved ones, healthcare systems, insurance providers, legal

  • Managing complexities of care and sudden condition changes

  • Creating sustainable life solutions at home

  • Making money when FMLA or paid leave runs out or forced to resign


Safe & Secure Space

Share your thoughts and feelings with peace of mind

Families affected by end stage liver disease struggle with the devastating realities of being thrusted into a care crisis unprepared to handle the aftermath of diagnosis. Often times, we don't know where to start because we're trapped in disbelief, unable to move beyond diagnosis shock. We know you have questions. We know you're suffering in silence, so we provide the comfort of having a best friend in your pocket. We've created a way for you to purge your pain, have open conversations, ask the questions weighing heavy on your mind and heart privately. It's literally a push-to-talk platform.

Listen,we get it!

Figuring everything out on your own isn't easy,

which is why, we created the 30 Day Care Collab with Christie.

"Time-Critical Support When You Need It the Most:

Your Trustworthy, Affordable, Accessible Solution for Navigating End Stage Liver Disease Now.

Like me, I knew there had to be others looking for:

  • ways to learn what we don't know about med management, treatment, symptoms and care

  • tools to help us process our feelings and fear of the unknown

  • ideas to replace full time income(s) before paid leave runs out or resignation becomes imminent

  • life systems to manage it all - care, home life, time, finances, healthcare, insurance providers, aging parents & more

  • a private and safe space where we can ask the questions nobody talks about and engage in "real" conversations

  • guidance and direction from someone who "see's me" and doesn't use "AI or Bots" to comfort me

  • comfort and compassion from a trusted friend who's walked a similar path and moved beyond the devastating realities of end stage liver disease, transplantation, liver rejection, recovery - and made it to the other side...

LiverBoss can help you learn, grow and evolve without

"doing more" and "wasting time" figuring it all out

on your own.


You Can...

Waste tons of time, money

and effort trying to figure

out everything by yourself


You Can...

Fast-track your results

inside our 30 Day Care Collab

with Christie

The first choice is to choose to do nothing. And as you already know, if you choose nothing... then nothing

changes, you remain STRESSED OUT and STUCK in the STRUGGLE CYCLE!

BUT, if you already know that you want to move beyond the struggle and preserve your families quality of life

then your choice is obvious: join our 30-Day Care Collab with Christie and start living your best life today!

Simply click the button below and I will be waiting for you!

You are one click way from overcoming the overwhelm to receiving the comfort and support your desire!

But you do have to make a decision soon this exclusive offer will end and

we don't want another 3, 6, 12 months to go by where you didn't put yourself first so we can Navigate Hope Together!

🗣️One-on-One Audio Communication with Christie - direct message Christie for real-time assistance and a listening ear whenever you need it.

🌟 Personalized Support - tailored to address your unique challenges and concerns, ensuring you receive the care your family truly needs.

💡 Expert Insights - benefit from Christie's specialized knowledge and experience navigating end stage liver disease.

🔒 Privacy and Comfort - audio platform ensures a secure and private channel for open conversations, allowing you to share your feelings and frustrations. Experience the comfort of having a best friend in your pocket.

📆 Flexible & Convenient - 30-day program fits seamlessly into your busy life, making it easier for families to access the support they need on-the-go without overwhelm or added stress.

For just $97, you're gaining a trusted friend by your side through the highs and lows

of your families journey with end stage liver disease. Don't miss this opportunity to carry comfort in your pocket.

Enroll now and let Christie be the friend you can rely on during this difficult time!

You can cancel at any time + we have a 5-day no questions asked money back guarantee

👋 Hi, I'm Christie Moore

Nice to meet you. I'm so grateful you found me, I really wish it was under better circumstances.

My friend, you're not here by accident, you were guided to my online space for a reason.

You don't have to go through this alone, I'm here for you.

It wasn't long ago when I was where you are, searching high and low for answers, praying for this nightmare to end.

I know how much it hurts, how scared you are, and how much this disease takes from you and your family.

Take my hand 🤝, we'll get through this together. When you're ready to take that next step, I'll be here!


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